Gameplay Introduction of Endless Battlefield Combat Mode

Endless Battlefield
4 min readJan 27, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that the Blockchain version of EB’s combat mode is going live! The combat mode creates the perfect arena for players to experience the sensation of firing wildly while simultaneously earning abundant rewards. To get everyone involved in EB, we have included 6 modes with unique maps and rules to accommodate a wide variety of players.

1. Conquest

In conquest mode, players are divided into two teams: Team Alpha and Team Beta, with up to 16 players per team. Both teams fight each other for territory. The goal for each team is to occupy every stronghold (marked as A, B, C, D) on the map. This mode requires active teamwork to effectively defeat enemies, as well as defend strongholds. The game will end when one side is eliminated. To prevent the match from turning into a battle royale, we introduced a “Military Force Decline Per Unit Time” mechanism.

The military force subtracted correlates with the number of occupied strongholds at a point in time. The more strongholds a team holds, the fewer military force depleted per unit time, and vice versa. To quickly win a battle, the team should focus on killing all enemies when they reach a stronghold. When the military force exceeds the enemy’s military force, the time to occupy the stronghold will be accelerated accordingly. Although killing the enemies can reduce the enemy’s military force, occupying strongholds is the key for final victory.

2. Team Deathmatch

In team deathmatch, players cooperate as a team to eliminate as much as the other team within 5 minutes. Unlike conquest mode, where the main goal is to occupy strongholds, team deathmatch allows players to come up with variety of strategies to win the battle. Some good tactics include sniping enemies from high ground, or defending a building to eliminate invaders.

3. Occupy the Stronghold

In capture stronghold mode, players from both teams compete with each other to occupy as many strongholds as they can.

The map is divided into five strongholds marked as A, B, C, D and E. One team is assigned A and B and another team is assigned D and E. The battle is fighting for dominating stronghold C. Each battle is set to 5 minutes. When the countdown is over, the team who occupies the most strongholds will be the winner. Please note that players can only capture the strongholds in alphabetic orders. Kill Confirmed mode requires active collaboration and sophisticated strategy.

4. Capture the Flag

In capture the flag mode, players compete to capture as many flags as they can for their team.

Both team’s spawn points will have a flag and there will be another 2 flags for players to capture. The game will end when one team has captured all flags. Keep in mind that capturing a flag in the beginning of the battle will give the capturing team a competitive advantage. At the beginning of the battle, a well-coordinated team should assign some members to guard flag at the spawn points and assign some to rapidly capture the enemy’s flag(s). Then defend and wait for other teammates to establish a defensive line and slowly move forward.

Another strategy is to push slowly to keep the integrity of the defense line; this effectively counters the 3-minute rush strategy.

5. Free for All

Free for all mode can be either first to 100 kills or kill as many within 5 minutes. Players can choose from machine guns, snipers, pistols, and knives to start the battle. In the future, we will create four more modes exclusively for machine guns, snipers, pistols, and knives.

6. Rush

In rush mode, players are divided into an attacking team and defending team. Both teams fight each other to occupy strongholds. The goal of the attacking team is to expand their territory. Each area in the map has been well designed to accommodate a large number of players. This map provides attackers numerous opportunities to flank enemies, occupy strongholds from different areas and snipe enemies from the fortress. Creating effective combat strategies and implementing it will give attackers competitive advantages in dominating the game. The defending team’s goal is to exhaust the attackers’ reinforcement or hold at least one intact stronghold before the time runs out.

EB allows players to choose different game modes based on their preferences and each mode will reward players EB and EBC tokens. In the future, EB will hold tournaments for different game modes and provide generous prizes for winners. Do you want to be a lucky prize winner? It is time to get familiar with all the modes and maps now!

Let’s build the Endless Battlefield metaverse together!

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