Endless Battlefield PVE version announcement


We’re happy to let you know that EB PVE is coming soon. Thank you for continued support, and we hope you enjoy it!

Version update content

1、New PVE gameplay

Score by killing bots, giving eb rewards and NFT boxes based on the score. Character card NFT and gun skins have a bonus to the score, increasing the gain per game.
PS: 15 seconds protection time after death resurrection

2、New password room

3、New game lobby

4、New firearms skin

5、NFT box

Through PVE, PVP get NFT box, consume 20EB randomly open 6EB, 66EB, a variety of rare firearms skin NFT.

6、EB Token Transfer
The game’s built-in wallet supports direct transfer of EB Token.

7、Cut other maps in the game body, reduce the hard disk space of 6G.

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