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About Endless Battlefield

Endless Battlefield, abbreviated as EB, is a military strategy and exploration sandbox metaverse built on Unreal Engine. Using planets as the map, it provides multiple modes to fulfill the needs of different players. The game supports intensive FPS/TPS modes which allows competitive players to enjoy the experience of galloping over the battlefield and conquering the military points. EB also creates immersive environments for casual players, allowing them to harvest, mine, lumber, fish, hunt and craft tools. Aiming to build a rich and entertaining metaverse, EB introduces unique Alliance System, Construction System, Homeland System and Trading System.

Dual-Token Economy

Endless Battlefield offers two tokens, EB and EBC, both of which are served as incentives to users for playing the game.

EB Token

Token Address: TBA

EB is the governance token with a maximum supply of 1 billion. The initial supply of 400,000 EB are airdropped to our early supporters. EB token provides values to the EB ecosystem where holders can participate in community governance and voting to influence major decisions such as emission rate. Meanwhile, EB is also consumed when players create character, forge rare weapons, purchase NFTs and upgrade main cities.

There are several ways to acquire EB: directly purchasing from DEX, selling NFTs, challenging world boss and collecting main city taxes.

EBC Token

Token Address: TBA

EBC is the utility token with an unlimited supply. In combat mode, EBC severs as the tickets to initiate the battle. In planets online mode, EBC can be earned and consumed through selling raw materials, crafting potion, and minting tech NFTs. EBC is tradable in major DEXs.

Character Creation

To start the game, players need to create a character in Character Creation page.

In combat mode, each user will be assigned a default character for free and EB+EBC are required if plays want to change their characters’ appearances.

In planet online mode, players are required to customize their characters to start the adventure. The cost is 10 EB + 100 EBC.

Please note that token consumed in character creation is collected by team and will be used for development and marketing.


Level system is not supported in an early stage of the game; however, it will be introduced in the late stage. A fix amount of token or a special NFT will be consumed to level up a character.


Each character has two attributes: Health Points and Stamina Points. When HP and SP are exhausted, players need to obtain rejuvenation potion and stamina potion to restore them in order to continue the game.

Play-to-Earn Mechanism

EB covers 2 modes: FPS/TPS Combat Mode and Planets Metaverse Online Mode.

Except EB and EBC which can be shared in these two modes, the characters, weapons and tools owned by a player cannot be shared or transferred between two modes.

Combat Mode

1. Combat mode follows the FPS game standards. Players are allowed to create rooms and join the rooms to start the battles. EB introduces score system to evaluate each players performance during each battle. After each round, EBC will be automatically distributed to participants based on their scores.

2. Use EB to govern reward token quantity.

3. Combat mode covers Conquest, Capture the Flag, Rush, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed.

4. To prevent users from abusing the reward system, the game records the timestamp when rewards is allocated for each player in each round. The minimal interval to get reward for the following round will be 5 minutes. No reward will be gained by a player when the interval between two rounds is less than 5 minutes.

5. Use EB to govern reward interval.

6. 5% of the allocation rewards will be collected by the team and will be used to support the development and promotion of the project.

7. In single player mode, the room owner can get a proportional of reward for each round. In team combat mode, the reward for room owner is weighted and will increment by 1 in each round.

8. Each room can last for 8 hours. Rewards distribution will be trigged automatically and room will be disbanded after maximum time is reached. The EBC which is used for creating room will be burned.

Planet Metaverse Mode

Basic NFTs

Basic prop NFTs are composed of scissors NFT, axe NFT, hoe NFT, and fishing rod NFT. The unit price is 20 EB. Basic prop NFTs are transferable and can be purchased in in-game Store.

1. Scissors NFT is used for collecting fruits and other materials.

2. Axe NFT is used for felling trees to obtain wood materials.

3. Hoe NFT is used for collecting minerals to obtain materials such as sand and gravel.

4. Fishing rod NFT is used for obtaining raw meats.

5. These basic materials can be sold directly in the marketplace. To get higher rewards, players can also forge them into end products including potion and other NFTs in forging workshop.

Please note that the token consumed at this stage are collected by the development team and will be used for continuous development and operation. A portion of the income will be transferred into the Mint contract on a regular basis. More features of basic prop NFTs, such as durability and sharpness, will be added in a late stage.

Forging NFT

Weapons, vehicles and tools can be forged with a combination of tech blueprint NFTs and basic NFTs.

Token consumed at this stage will be transferred into Mint contract.

Please note that the amount of EB required to forge a NFT will be voted by EB holders.

World Boss

1. There are 200 world Boss dispersed around the planets. The ranking in the leaderboard is based upon the damage given to the Boss after the Boss is defeated. 500 EB will be distributed to the top 10 players in accordance with their ranking. The world boss refresh time is set to 24 hours and a total of 100,000 EB will be emitted every 24 hours.

2. There are 1,000 elite monsters dispersed around the planets. Elite monsters have random probabilities to drop basic prop NFTs. The refresh time is set to 24 hours and a total of 100 basic prop NFTs will be dropped when elite monsters are defeated.


Players are required to stake 100,000 EB in order to create an alliance. All players are welcome to join alliance after paying the fee. The fee is solely determined by the Alliance. 10% of the fee goes to development team and will be used to buyback EB or transferred back to Mint contract. When an alliance is disbanded, 90,000 EB will be redeemed by the Alliance creator and 10,000 EB will be transferred into Mint contract.

Main City

EB builds 5 grand main cities on the plants. Each city provides a safe zoon for players to rest. The system releases 100,000 EB every 24 hours in the game world. The alliance that captures the main city is required to stake EB in the Central of main city. The rewards will be allocated dynamically to the alliances based on the amount of EB they have staked in each main city.

Within the alliance, the rewards are also assigned to members based on the amount of EB staked in the Central of main city.


1. When players rent a property to sell NFTs, 100% of the rental fee and 5% of the NFT revenue are collected by the alliance.

2. When players transfer properties, 5% of the transaction fee will be considered as property tax and is collected by the alliance.

3. Tax is imposed on all type of business transactions and the tax revenue is taken by the Alliance.

Main City Battle

To gain a competitive advantage in the battle for main city, the alliance needs to periodically upgrade the city’s defensive system. The alliance needs to use EB + EBC to buy air defense artillery, Anti-tank weapon, Heavy machine gun and other defensive weapons. These NFTs are reusable with durability attribute. A special NFT can be purchased to increase the durability after each usage.

50% EB + 100% EBC will be collected by development team and 50% EB will be transferred to Mint contract.

Trading Market (NFT Marketplace)

The marketplace accepts both EB and EBC as currencies. EBC is used to trade basic prop NFTs and EB is used to trade all other type of NFTs.

EB Tokenomics

EBC Tokenomics

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