Endless Battlefield Development Log -April 18th,2022

Endless Battlefield
2 min readApr 18, 2022


1. FPS Combat Mode

What has been done…

1. Wallet authorization.

2. Homeowner purchase time period.

3. New UI.

4. Settlement Signature Voting.

5. Game Settlement..

6. Solo mode chain version production.

7. Public Test Launch.

What’s being worked on…

1. Collect public test data and validate economic models.

2. During the public test, the team competition mode and other contents will be opened one after another.

3. Fix the community submission problem during the public test, and the official release online.

4. Tuned combat combat and tactical movements.

5. Add league game mode.

6. Open the global FPS competition.

7. Gun Skin Mall.

8. Clothing Mall.

9. Personal equipment function, support gun skin and clothing changes.

10. Explore the player-created gun skin NFT feature.

2.Planet Metaverse Mode

What has been done…

1、Replacement of vehicle details, adjust the action of getting in and out of the car.

2、Fix the character action.

3、Add melee weapons and related content.

4、Add swimming and snorkeling breathing system.

5、Adjust and replace some details of UI.

6、Adjust the small map.

7、Repair some bugs, fix fighter missiles and different particle effects.

8、Add new weapons, fire-breathing guns.

9、Add climbing system.

What’s being worked on…

1. Introducing the exploration of Earth’s topography.

2. Introduce marine vehicles including boats and ships.

3. Implement multi-landscapes for planet map.

4. Implement plants environment system.

5. Implement an animal environment system.

6. Implement a triphibian combat system.

7. Add architecture style pack in the built-in marketplace.

8. Implement a crafting system to support weapons and equipment crafting.

9. Support main city construction.

10. Implement a planet destructible system to support players destroy landforms and build dungeons.

11. Implement an alliance System.

12. Implement main city war system.

13. Support built-in on-chain wallet creation and trade function.

14. Implement equipment NFT Dex system.

15. Implement heart of main city system.

16. Implement alliance city construction system.

17. Implement world boss system.

18. Implement traffic and road system.

19. Implement a bank system.

20. Implement a decentralized marketplace system.

21. Implement business services system, including creating brands, listing products and advertising.

22. Deploy smart contract.

23. Implement system network module.

24. Optimize big data quantization algorithms.

25. Support client and server multi-architecture data processing.

26. Deploy a new modern style UI.

27. Support cross-chain battle function.

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