Endless Battlefield 2022 August Contest

Endless Battlefield
2 min readJul 25, 2022


We will host EB’s first big on-chain event to thank everyone for your continued support: The Trailblazer’s Glory -Character Card Points Ranking Competition, and The Guardian’s Vault -Big Raffle. We have prepared rich rewards: In addition to a large number of EB, EXP and various limited NFTs, the first place in the event will receive a 10,000U prize! Enjoy!

Event time:

July 25, 2022 ~ August 26, 2022 24:00 UTC


The Trailblazer’s Glory -Character Card Points Ranking Competition

As of 24:00 on August 26, the ranking is based on the total points of all character cards in the player’s account:

The One with the highest points will receive the grand prize of 10,000U and 100 lucky draw;

2nd 5000U, 50 lucky draw;

3rd 1000U, 30 lucky draw;

4th 500U, 20 lucky draw;

5th 100U, 20 lucky draw;

6th~10th 50U, 15 lucky draw;

11th ~50th ,10 lucky draw;

51th~100th , 5 lucky draw;

The corresponding points of each level of character card are as follows:

1 Level = 10 points

2 Level = 11 points

3 Level = 12 points

4 Level = 13 points

5 Level = 15 points

6 Level = 18 points

7 Level = 25 points

8 Level = 40 points

9 Level = 60 points

10 Level = 100 points

The Guardian’s Vault -Big Raffle

In order to thank everyone for their support of the event, we will open The Guardian’s Vault -Big Raffle at the end of the Trailblazer’s Glory .

Prizes include:

Grand Prize:1000U *1

NFT:Dragon`s Fury * 1

NFT:Goddess of Healing *2

NFT:White Tiger *5


NFT:Azure Dragon *5

NFT:Arctic Ocean *10

NFT:Valentin *20

NFT:Circuit Pulse *20

NFT:Cardiotonic *30

NFT:Duke of Roses *30

NFT:Gabriel *50

And A large number of EB and Exp

How to get the lottery:

1、From The Trailblazer’s Glory Rewards.

2、From Create character cards.

You will get 5 lucky draw everytime when you create a character card during the event. We will do the statistics at the end of The Trailblazer’s Glory.


1. The prizes of this event are purchased by the eb team from the mall in advance, and will not affect the total amount of limited NFT.

2. We will give mysterious bonuses to full-level character cards in the next major version update! Stay tuned! At the same time, we will adjust the cost of building cards and upgrading.

Come and discover EB,join our community!

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Telegram: https://t.me/ebgame_global