EB Development Log -As of March 4th,2022

Endless Battlefield
3 min readMar 4, 2022


1. FPS Combat Mode

What has been done…

1. Optimized 19 maps including town, military base, train station, village, manor, etc.

2. Supported a maximum of 32 players in one room

3. Supported 6 types of competitive battle gameplay

4. Added all elements related to FPS mode

5. Launched in Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1795880/Endless_Battlefield/

6. Developed FPS reward settlement smart contract

7. Developed Back-end FPS reward settlement system

8. Developed UE engine module and Blockchain SDK module, low in coupling

9. Implemented basic built-in wallet functions, including creating and importing a wallet

What’s being worked on…

1. Add more built-in wallet functions, including authorization and on-chain trade

2. Support adding room passwords function to allow players to create private rooms and held events

3. Support on-chain room creation, rewards settlement, and room expiration

4. Support auto reward distribution after the room is closed

5. Optimize visual effects, sound effects and shooting feedbacks

6. Deploy a new modern style UI

7. Open market for weapon skins, including common, limited edition, promotional and mysterious skins.

8. Open market for character skins, including common, limited edition, promotional and mysterious skins.

9. Implement personal wardrobe function to support weapon skins and outfits alteration.

10. Support multiple chains

2.Planet Metaverse Mode

What has been done…

1. Completed the planet map framework

2. Completed the life system framework

3. Completed the construction system framework

4. Completed the vehicles system framework

5. Completed the FPS system framework

6. Completed the land and air battle system framework

7. Completed the customized server engine framework

8. Developed smart contract for basic and equipment props

9. Developed smart contract for modular equipment NFT

10. Completed the birth city system framework

What’s being worked on…

1. Optimize light and shadow effects

2. Implement swimming feature

3. Introduce marine vehicles including boats and ships

4. Implement multi-landscapes for planet map

5. Implement plants environment system

6. Implement an animal environment system

7. Implement a triphibian combat system

8. Add architecture style pack in the built-in marketplace

9. Implement a crafting system to support weapons and equipment crafting

10. Support main city construction

11. Implement a planet destructible system to support players destroy landforms and build dungeons

12. Implement an alliance System

13. Implement main city war system

14. Support built-in on-chain wallet creation and trade function

15. Implement equipment NFT Dex system

16. Implement heart of main city system

17. Implement alliance city construction system

18. Implement world boss system

19. Implement traffic and road system

20. Implement a bank system

21. Implement a decentralized marketplace system

22. Implement business services system, including creating brands, listing products and advertising

23. Deploy smart contract

24. Implement system network module

25. Optimize big data quantization algorithms

26. Support client and server multi-architecture data processing

27. Deploy a new modern style UI

28. Support cross-chain battle function

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