EB 2022 Elite Cup Tournament

Endless Battlefield
3 min readMar 10, 2022


We will hold the 1st Elite Cup Tournament! You will have a chance to join the competition as a team and win great prizes!

1. Rules, Eligibility and Phase

1.1 Participant Eligibility

· A qualified team is composed of a minimum of 4 players. A maximum of 8 players can represent the team to join the match. Teams with less than 4 players can choose to merge with another team with the same number of players.

· Each team is allowed to have 4 substitutions.

· All players including substitutions can only play for one team during the tournament.

· Team members cannot be changed after registration closes.

1.2 Competition Rules

· All participating teams will be randomly divided into 2 Zones: Zone A and Zone B.

· Matches will be drawn within the Zone and matched teams will compete against the opposing team until Zone’s top 4 teams are selected.

· The final 8 teams will then be randomly divided into 2 new Zones: Zone C and Zone D.

· Preliminary round winners are selected by winning the best of one. Quarterfinal and semifinal teams are chosen by winning the best of three. The champion and the 2nd runner-up teams are chosen by winning the best of five.

1.3 Phase

Registration-> Preliminary A and B Zone Division -> Preliminary Round-> Quarterfinal Round->Semi Final Round-> Final Round -> Champion Team

2. Prize pool

2. 1 Team Prize

2.2 Individual Prize


· EB reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

· EB reserves the right of modifying rules and rewards to a reasonable extent.

· Players must register for the tournament; All participants’ steam account name will be recorded at the time of registration. All rewards obtained by an unregistered player will be forfeited.

· Players are prohibited from playing for multiple teams; the team will be immediately disqualified when violating this rule.

· The game environment for each player is the same; players cannot request to void the game for reasons such as game environment and bugs.

· EB token rewards will be calculated and distributed after the tournament. NFT rewards will be distributed after the blockchain version of the game is launched.

· Team will cancel players’ right of participation once any cheating behaviors are caught and confirmed.

4. Registration Date


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