Blockchain Version Endless Battlefield Competitive Mode Open Test Intruction

Endless Battlefield
8 min readApr 15, 2022

1. Test Environment

OKC Testnet

2. Hardware Specification

Recommended Specs:

GPU: GTX1060 or above,

If your PC does not meet the recommended spec, your game experience might be compromised.

3. Public Test Date

Start time:April 18, 8:00AM UTC;

Public test time not less than 15 days,Period to be determined.

4. Test Instruction

4.1 Download Game

4.1.1 Search “Endless Battlefield” on Steam platform ( to download the game.

Please record the game storage address.

4.1.2 After finishing downloading, go to the Endless Battlefield official website to download the blockchain patch package.

Download at:

4.1.3 Download the EB-beta.rar and copy it to the Steam directory (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\EB\EB)folder. Extract the installation package to the current folder and choose to replace all current files.

4.1.4 Launch Endless Battlefield (EB.exe) and choose the BLOCHAIN MODE. During the game, please keep the Steam platform logged in.

5. Account operation instruction

5.1 Wallet functions

5.1.1 Create an account

5.1.2 Click the button on the right corner to create/import an account

5.1.3 Click the button to create an account

5.1.4 Enter the account name, password, password hints, select a network, and check “I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy”, then click “NEXT” to create an account.

5.1.5 Your account will be listed on the right panel of the screen.

5.2 Receive Test Coins

5.2.1 Copy wallet address

5.2.2 Click the button in the picture below to jump to the page of receiving test coins.

5.2.3 Paste the address into the following page, click “Get OKT&EB&EBC” button to get it successfully, wait for a few seconds, and then the test coins can be viewed in the game.

5.3 Import an account

5.3.1 Click “IMPORT AN ACCOUNT” to enter the Import an Account page.

5.3.2 Enter the wallet private key, wallet name, set wallet password, repeat password, and password hints in sequence.

5.3.3 Finally, check the box “I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy” and you will successfully import your account.

5.4 Exporting account private key

5.4.1 Click the button on the right to go to the export private key page.

5.4.2 Entering the account password.

5.4.3 Click “CONFIRM” to export the private key. Click “COPY” to copy it successfully.

5.5 Delete an account

5.5.1 Click the Delete button on the right to access the Delete account page.

5.5.2 Click “DELETE” to enter the delete page.

5.5.3 Enter the account password and click “CONFIRM” to delete it successfully. (Reminder: If the private key is not stored properly, the wallet deletion will lead to permanent asset loss. Make sure to back up your private key first.)

5.5.4 Please keep at least 1 account; otherwise you will not be able to access the game.

6. Game Functions

6.1 Create a room

6.1.1 To create a room, a point card is required. In this version, the price of the point card is 10EB+100EBC and is valid for 8 hours starting from the completion of the purchase. To open another room after 8 hours, user need to buy another point card.

6.1.2 Click “CREATE GAME” button.

6.1.3 Click “Purchase Duration” to enter the purchase window

6.1.4 Click “APPROVE EB” and “APPROVE EBC”, enter your wallet password and click “COMFIRM” to purchase. (players can only choose 8 hours in this version)

6.1.5 After the purchase is completed, you can enter the room creation page. The cost to create a room is 10EB+100EBC. You need to enter the room name, select the game mode (test version only support Solo mode), and select the map. Then click “CREATE” to create the room.

6.1.6 Wait for the players to join the room. When the number of players in the room reaches the minimum requirement (4), the owner can click the “START” button to start the game.

6.1.7 Select the weapon, click “PLAY” to enter the game

6.2 Join the game for individual players

6.2.1 Click “JOIN GAME” to join the game

6.2.2 Users can join the game by entering the room name created by their friends to join the game or selecting any room in the room list.

6.3 Game Settlement

6.3.1 Game results

At the end of each game, players will have 60s to verify the results and participate in the voting.

6.3.2 Please choose “YES” if you agree with the result or “No” if you disagree with the result.

6.3.3 After the vote is closed, the result is calculated. If more than 50% of the voters disagrees with the result, the game settlement is invalid and no one will receive EB bonus. The game will return to lobby.

6.3.4 When the number of voters reaches or exceeds 50% agreeing with the result, players can submit the settlement result. The first person who submits the results successfully will receive bonus reward. After the calculation of the submitted result, the reward will be automatically credited to the user’s account.

6.3.5 After a successful settlement, the player will automatically exit the room and return to the lobby after 10s.

7. Game Reward

7.1 Game mode

During the open test phase, EB only supports individual competitive mode. This version does not represent the final contents of the game.

7.2 Game rewards

To facilitate us to calculate the test rewards, we introduce two testnet tokens: EBT and EBCT, which will be converted to EB and EBC after mainnet is launched.

7.2.1 Each game settlement is ranked according to the player’s score in the game. Players will get EBT and EBTC according to the ranks.

7.2.2 EBCT reward allocation:

EBCT=100EBC*(individual score/total score) *(current number of players in the room / maximum number of players in the room).

7.2.3 EBT reward allocation:

a. Bonus for first place player EBT = 1EB*(current number of players in the room/maximum number of players in the room);

b. Bonus for the owner EBT = 1EB*(current number of players in the room/maximum number of players in the room);

c. Bonus for the person who submits a successful settlement EBT = 1EB*(current number of players in the room/maximum number of players in the room).

7.2.4 At the end of the test phase, we will airdrop a total amount of 100K Mainnet EB to all real players. The airdrop proportion of each player is based on the number of EBT and EBCT held within their wallets at the end of the test. Reward function = ( EBT in your account*10+EBCT in your account*1)/(Total EBT*10+Total EBCT*1)*100,000

8. Test Feedback

Please submit test feedback to To help us better understand the issue and fix it, we appreciate it if you can provide your account address, hardware specification, game screenshots, game tips, etc.

9. Public Test Rewards

For test feedback recognized by the technical team, we will reward of 2,000EB, 500EB and 100EB respectively according to the levels of importance: critical, important and minor. For similar feedbacks we will reward the first reporter according to the time of receiving the email.

10. Declaration

EB reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. EB reserves the right of modifying rules and rewards to a reasonable extent. EB reserves the right of canceling players’ right of participation and ceasing the rewards once any cheating or abuse is caught and confirmed.

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