A letter from the founder of Endless Battlefield to friends in the community

Endless Battlefield
4 min readFeb 26, 2022


Dear Friends:

I’m Lm, the founder of Endless Battlefield. EB token has been listed on PancakeSwap of BSC network at UTC 16:00,February 25。(Token Contract:0xa41ee9a01fd417c372b318746d8891c0c240a73c)。

Due to the poor performance of the price after EB is listed, I have heard a lot of criticism and even questioning from the community. I humbly accept all the criticism and opinions. Here, I would like to open my heart and have a candid chat with you about the road Endless Battlefield has traveled and the current situation.

I have been involved in the blockchain industry since 2014, and have experienced multiple processes and roles in trading, R&D, and entrepreneurship. It can be said that I am a veteran in crypto and have a certain understanding of this industry. The idea behind ​​Endless Battlefield originated at the end of 2020. At that time, there was no Gamefi craze, and there was no metaverse concept that is now very popular. It is no exaggeration to say that until now, many emerging blockchain games and metaverse products are just staying. In the card games around NFT, the game playability is far behind the traditional games. Friends who have played video games for many years should have their ideal games in their hearts, and even imagine that it would be more interesting to travel through the game world to do some actions that cannot be performed in the real world. The metaverse is based on the omnipotent illusory space conceived in everyone’s mind. The real problem is that the metaverse in everyone’s imagination needs to rely on a lot of infrastructure and cannot be achieved by one certain field, but the final realization of the metaverse must have a virtual carrier, so it is decentralized. The virtual metaverse is what everyone yearns for.

Based on these many ideas, I am willing to try to build the metaverse in my mind, a product that conforms to the human nature and social structure and adds interests to catalyze the game of human nature, instead of just revolving around tokens. After careful analysis of the technology stack, we chose to use the UE engine to make Endless Battlefield. There are competitive modes and metaverse modes in the EB. Players who like competition can go to the competitive mode to team up with their friends. Players who like the metaverse can explore and experience diversified warfare in the planets, collecting, hunting, pinching, building, war fighting, manufacturing, and building home, Trading Bank in the metaverse, etc. The planetary metaverse revolves around the idealized multi-dimensional virtual space.

At the beginning, our team was not in a hurry to raise funds. Everyone focused on research and development for their ideal world. We developed the EB at our own expense, and until the Endless Battlefield competitive gameplay was successfully launched on the Steam platform for players to experience.

In the early stage of project development, we did encounter a lot of solicitations from various employers, some of whom wanted to buy out, and those who wanted to buy our project as their own project products, and those who wanted to use our products as company achievements for IPOs. There are people who want to cooperate, there are many episodes in the middle, and there are also small setbacks, but we all persevere with our ideals and original intentions. At this early stage, we chose to receive funding from four angel investors.


For the better development of the project in the future, we only publicly raised funds from some private equity institutions and IDO platforms after launching on Steam. As the community have seen, many IDOs have successively refunded users, which is very regrettable. We made a mistake that cannot be ignored that at the beginning, in order to prevent the frequent occurrence of plug-ins in the terminal game, we reserved certain permissions for the contract, but these permissions violated the decentralization thinking. We accepted these accusations and repaired them in time. There are no backdoors and super permissions in the contract, which can be proved by the latest audit report of Lianan.

Please believe that Endless Battlefield is definitely not a Scam project, and our work is progressing steadily. Including but not limited to:

  1. In the economic model, IDO accounts for 1.5%, we only raised 136,700 U, and have already put 4,316,600 EB into the black hole address for burning(https://bscscan.com/tx/0x9e6e30f978fb90f71d3a0ef833b935a5309a3ee6cd812c3148ed4f8fcf086ecc).

To prove our determination, our team decided to burn all remaining IDOs. 8.7 million EB have been burnt:


The remaining 1.3 million EB is still on the IDO launch platform to be returned to the project party, and will be burnt as soon as it is in place.

2. The onchain version of FPS competitive gameplay will accelerate the development and is expected to be launched in March;

3. An early alpha version of the Planetary Metaverse will be available for public play in the near future.

4. Endless Battlefield’s novel of the same name was serialized and released on the official website in March;

No matter how difficult the future may be, Endless Battlefield will definitely go forward.

Come and discover EB,join our community!

Website: https://ebgame.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EBMetaverse

Telegram: https://t.me/ebgame_global



Endless Battlefield