10,000 EBC massive airdrop is now live!

What is EBC?

EBC is the utility token of Endless Battlefield. It serves as the in-game currency in both combat and online planet mode. EBC is emitted and consumed in almost every scene inside the game.

The total supply of EBC is uncapped and the initial 100,000 EBC will be airdropped to our community!

EBC contract address: 0x4a4649Cd5866491CdF33555dCF843EF71c8b5311

How to participate in Airdrop?

To appreciate our early investors’ efforts in supporting and promoting the project, we are going to start the third round of 10,000 EBC airdrop now!

Send 0 OKT to airdrop contract:


in OEC Network to automatically activate the contract’s airdrop function and you will have a 10% chance to get 1 EBC. To maximize your chance of winning, you are welcome to send multiple transactions to our airdrop contract. The only cost is the negligible gas fee. The upper limit reward of each address is 3 EBC.

Airdrop runs out soon!

Hurry up to grab your EBC and be the first one to dive into our blockchain version Endless Battlefield metaverse!

Please refer to https://okexchain-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/developers/quick-start-for-mainnet.html to config metamask for OEC mainnet or use the TokenPocket wallet.

Note:when use TokenPocket wallet to send the transaction,please increase the gaslimit a bit(*10).

Let’s build the Endless Battlefield metaverse together!

Come and discover EB,join our community!

Website: https://ebgame.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EBMetaverse

Telegram: https://t.me/ebgame_global




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